JLCDB - Naloxone (Narcan) in Schools

JLCDB - Naloxone (Narcan) in Schools


It is the intent of MSAD #35 to prevent opioid-related deaths on school premises. Naloxone, commonly known as Narcan, is a medication that can reverse an overdose that is caused by an opioid drug. When administered during an overdose, naloxone blocks the effects of opioids on the brain and respiratory system in order to prevent death. Naloxone has no potential for abuse and is a non-narcotic and non-addicting prescription medication.

It is the policy of MSAD #35 that all schools stock naloxone as an opioid antagonist to treat a case of suspected opioid overdose in a school setting. Any person trained may administer naloxone to any person suspected of experiencing an opioid-related overdose.


The superintendent or designee shall maintain a current standing medical order from the school medical advisor that prescribes naloxone for use by trained school personnel to assist any individual suspected of experiencing an opioid related overdose on school grounds. Trained school personnel may carry and administer naloxone on school grounds with a standing order from the school health advisor.

Procurement of Naloxone

The superintendent, principal, certified school nurse, or designee will be responsible for the procurement of naloxone. The school medical advisor shall prepare standing orders.


Naloxone will be clearly marked and stored in an unlocked storage cabinet in each nurse’s office. The school nurse will ensure that all other trained staff are aware of the naloxone storage location. Naloxone will be stored in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to avoid extreme cold, heat and direct sunlight.

Use of Naloxone

Follow the protocol for the administration of naloxone for suspected opioid overdose.

Follow Up

After administration of naloxone, the person administering naloxone will follow MSAD #35 policies for incident reporting. Notify district-level administration.

Title 20-A Chapter 201 §4009

Policy Adopted: October 18, 2023

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