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Appendix B - Universal Precautions - Bloodborne Pathogen Policy

Appendix B - Universal Precautions

In order to provide a consistent approach in managing body substances from all students and staff, and reduce the risks of exposure to bloodborne pathogens, the practice of Universal Precautions shall be followed by all employees at all times, regardless of the situation. All blood and body fluids shall be considered potentially infectious. Universal Precautions shall apply to all blood/blood components and body fluids.

Universal Precautions 

  1. Wash hands and work surfaces frequently 
  2. Avoid contact with sharp objects
  3. Use gloves and other personal protective equipment when you anticipate exposure to blood or other bodily fluids
  4. Wash your hands immediately after exposure
  5. Dispose of hazardous material safely using engineering controls (i.e. sharps box for used needles)