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IKFB - Policy for Participation in Graduation Ceremony

IKFB - Policy for Participation in Graduation Ceremony

A student who has completed local and state requirements for a diploma is entitled to receive a Marshwood High School diploma or a 2022-2023 Maine Department of Education Diploma - Educational Interruption Diploma (COVID-19) (Pursuant MRS 20-A §257-A sub-§1-A)

To be eligible for participation in the graduation ceremony, the individual must have completed all graduation requirements prior to the date of the ceremony including community service hours.


Graduation expenses are a responsibility of the graduating class. Funds are raised by class-initiated and executed fundraising activities and by class dues assessment which is voted each year by the class.

Early in the senior year the graduating class determines the expenses necessary for their graduation. These expenses may include: cap and gown, honor cards, programs, tickets, flowers, police services at graduation programs, scholarships, gifts to the school, individual souvenir gifts to class members and banquet expenses.

Due to the fact that it is necessary to commit funds early in the senior year, it is necessary that every class member who plans to participate in the graduation ceremony pay their share of the expenses.

  1. All financial obligations of each member of the senior class participating in the graduation ceremony must be paid in full by May 15.

  2. Should a senior not graduate, then they will be refunded their contribution.

  3. Should a senior decide after making their determination by May 15 that they do not wish to participate in the graduation ceremony, they will not be refunded their contribution.

  4. A student who is not a member of the graduation class who wishes to participate in graduation due to early or late completion of graduation requirements in a given year must make an application to the School Counselor by October 1. A conference between the student, parents and school representative shall be held. If these steps are completed, the student may be granted standing in the graduation class with the approval of the principal.

  5. The school principal will have discretionary powers to provide for school payment of supplemental charges in the case of students unable to pay these charges.


  1. The Board believes that graduating students represent the final achievement of the students and of the school district.  Student behavior should represent this.

  2. The Board believes that the graduation ceremony is provided to honor both the graduate and their family, friends, and classmates.  Student behavior should represent this.

  3. Students who cannot/will not comply with 1. and 2. above will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

  4. Behavior which might create a situation in which a student will not be allowed to participate include but are not limited to:


  1. Dress for commencement shall consist of the commencement robe, appropriate academic/recognition pins and honor cords and the mortarboard.

  2. Students not meeting acceptable dress standards will be asked to comply with district policy JICA - Student Dress and failing to do so, excluded from participation in graduation.

Participation in the graduation ceremony is a privilege.  Appropriate behavior and dress/attire is expected.  Failure to meet appropriate behavior and dress/attire expectations may result in a student’s privilege to participate in graduation being revoked.

Policy Adopted: November 15, 1995

Policy Revised: April 5, 2006, February 8, 2023