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IGA-R - Curriculum Development - Process for Change Recommendations

IGA-R - Curriculum Development - Process for Change Recommendations

The Board’s policy on curriculum development encourages the participation of instructional staff. In order to provide a consistent method for consideration of suggestions for curriculum change initiated by staff, the Board endorses the following procedure.

For the purpose of this procedure, “curriculum” means the school unit’s written document that includes the learning expectations for all students for all content areas. The curriculum shall reflect continuous, sequential and specific instruction.

It is intended that this procedure apply to suggestions for significant changes in the District’s syllabus/instructional program outline.

A. Suggestions for curriculum changes shall be submitted in writing, to the building principal.

B. The building principal may invite administrators and instructional staff from the school and/or District and, as appropriate, parents and students, to discuss the proposed change.

C. Following consideration of the proposed change, the building principal may forward to the Curriculum Director a recommendation accompanied by the following data:

  1. Summary of the recommended change;
  2. Rationale for the recommended change;
  3. Details of the recommended change;
  4. Summary of discussions/consideration at the building principal level;
  5. Statement concerning the anticipated effect on other aspects of the curriculum; and
  6. An estimate of the anticipated cost to the District, supported by a list of resources required should the change be adopted, including but not limited to staffing requirements, space, materials and supplies.

D. The Curriculum Director, after consulting with the District’s administrative team, will forward a recommendation to the Superintendent. 

E. Following consideration of the Curriculum Director’s recommendation, the Superintendent will make his/her own recommendation to the Curriculum Committee. 

F. The committee may invite input from parents, students and the community. 

G. The Board will act on the Curriculum Committee’s recommendation.


Policy Adopted: October 20, 2010

Policy Reviewed: September 01, 2021