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KLG - Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities

KLG - Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities

The School Board recognizes that a cooperative relationship with law enforcement authorities is desirable for the protection of students and staff, maintaining a safe school environment, and safeguarding school property. 

School administrators and staff shall have the primary responsibility for maintaining proper order in the schools and for disciplining students for violations of Board policies and school rules. However, the Board authorizes the Superintendent/administration to seek the assistance of law enforcement authorities when they believe there is a substantial threat to the welfare and safety of the schools, students and/or staff. The Superintendent/ administration shall also inform law enforcement authorities when they have reason to suspect that a student or staff member may have violated a local, state or federal law.

The Board strongly discourages law enforcement authorities from using the schools as a venue to arrest and/or interrogate students for activities not related to or affecting the schools. The Superintendent/administration retain the authority to deny law enforcement access to students for non-school-related investigations. 

The Board authorizes the Superintendent and administration to work with local law enforcement authorities to develop administrative procedures to guide interactions between the schools and law enforcement. Such procedures should safeguard the rights of students and parents, be consistent with Board policies, and minimize disruptions to the instructional program. These administrative procedures are subject to the approval of the Board.

The Superintendent shall include law enforcement authorities in the development and implementation of the school unit’s crisis response plan. The Board also encourages the Superintendent/administration to include law enforcement authorities in the development and/or implementation of instructional programs/activities related to student safety.


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Policy Adopted: November 17, 2004

Policy Revised: April 28, 2021