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Sec. 1 - Policy Adoption

Policy Adoption: Policies will be adopted and/or amended only by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors when such action has been scheduled on the agenda of a regular or special meeting. Insofar as possible, the Board of Directors desires a broad input into the development of policies for the system. To ensure this input takes place, the Board will adhere to the following procedure in considering and adopting new policies or amending existing policies.        

A. First Meeting: the policy will be presented for the first reading and discussion.

B. Second Meeting: the policy shall be presented for second reading and adoption.

Sec. 2 - Amendments

Amendments: Amendments may be presented at either meeting. An amendment will not require that the policy go through an additional reading unless the Board determines by vote that further study is desirable and an additional reading is necessary.

Sec. 3 -  Review 

After a period of six years from the date of Board approval, each policy will be reviewed and revised if necessary because of changing conditions, statutes, or court decisions. Board action will be required to extend the authority of a policy for another period of six years.

Sec. 4 -  Policy Deletion  

Policies may be deleted from the Policy Book upon majority vote of the Board.


Article VI Revised: October 16, 2013, August 27, 2014, October 20, 2021