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EBCB - Emergency Evacuation Drills



In order to protect the safety of students and school personnel and in compliance with Maine Department of Education regulations, schools at all levels K-12 are required to hold two emergency evacuation drills during the first two weeks of school.  Schools enrolling grades K-4 will hold an additional eight emergency evacuation drills during the year; schools enrolling grades 5-8 an additional six emergency evacuation drills; and schools enrolling grades 9-12 an additional four emergency evacuation drills.  Schools enrolling any combinations of these grade levels will hold the additional number of emergency evacuation drills required of the lowest grade level within the span, except that the local fire chief may increase the number of drills required.  Results shall be recorded and deficiencies noted and corrected.

Emergency evacuation procedures will be incorporated into the school unit’s emergency management plan.  Building principals may seek the advice of local fire, emergency management and law enforcement officials to identify routes that will accomplish the evacuation of their individual school buildings as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Principals shall keep a record of all emergency evacuation drills held in their schools, stating the date and time the drill was held and the time required for evacuation of the building.  This information will be reported to the Superintendent or his/her designee after each drill.  Fire officials will be notified before each drill.

Written procedures for emergency evacuation drills shall be posted in all buildings.

The Superintendent/designee will be responsible for ensuring that school personnel receive an annual orientation concerning emergency evacuation procedures.  The building principal will be responsible for ensuring that teachers familiarize students with designated evacuation routes prior to the first emergency evacuation drill of the school year.


Some high-risk situations may result in a lockdown of the school rather than an evacuation.  Each school will hold at least one lockdown drill during the school year.  A lockdown drill should be held during the first two weeks to familiarize students with the procedure.

Written procedures for emergency evacuation drills shall be posted in each building.


Maine Department of Education regulations require that, at least twice a year, students who are transported in school buses be instructed in safe riding practices and participate in emergency evacuation drills.  The building principal working with the Transportation Director will be responsible for arranging the times and locations of such drills.  Bus evacuation drills must be conducted in the school parking lot or other safe location.  The principal and the Transportation Director in consultation with the Special Services Director and/or Section 504 Coordinator, will determine appropriate evacuation procedures for students with disabilities.  The first bus evacuation drill will occur within the first two weeks of the school year.    


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Resolve Ch.2, 127th Leg., 1st Session (Me 2015)

Cross Reference:

EBCA – Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (Crisis Response Plan)


Policy Adopted: April 10, 2024