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KF - Community Use of School Facilities

KF - Community Use of School Facilities

The Board of Directors of MSAD 35 recognizes that all district facilities are supported largely by local tax dollars, and wishes to allow these buildings and fields to be used by community members. The Board will make school facilities available to community-based organizations for functions that are public, civic, and nonprofit in nature, and that are for the general cultural, educational, and recreational good of the community. Schools shall not be used as a substitute for churches or funeral parlors.

The first priority for the use of school facilities, defined as buildings and grounds, parking lots, playing fields and fixed equipment, shall be for the benefit and enjoyment of the students of MSAD 35 School District. Therefore, regular school programs and school-sponsored events will be given priority over non-school events.  The Board requires that community use of district facilities at no time interfere with the operation of the schools. In addition, all community use of school facilities will be monitored to assure that facilities are not damaged or otherwise misused by individuals or groups.

School facilities are available for public use subject to availability and approval by the MSAD 35 School District.  Building administrators shall schedule all community use of school facilities. In the event that a non-school event has received prior approval, efforts will be made to schedule school programs around that event.

Use of School Equipment

The principal is authorized to approve the loan of school furniture and equipment to district citizens, community groups, or employees for an educational, civic or charitable purpose when the Use of School Equipment Form has been completed and is approved, provided that: 

A. The person/group borrowing the equipment agrees to accept responsibility for repairing or replacing any equipment damaged or lost while in its possession.

B. The equipment is neither unusually expensive nor subject to easy damage.

C. The equipment is in good condition.

D. The person/group will provide a competent operator for any machines loaned.

E. A representative must sign the Use of School Equipment Form.

Motor vehicles, power equipment, tools, district computers, Internet technology and science/laboratory equipment may not be loaned.


Policy Adopted: September 1, 1967

Policy Amended: December 2, 1970, October 2, 1974, June 16, 1976, June 17, 1981, January 21, 1987, July 6, 1988, January 19, 1994, May 21, 1997, September 7, 2005 and January 20, 2010