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IKB - Homework

IKB - Homework

The Maine School Administrative District #35 Board of Directors acknowledges that there is a positive correlation between meaningful, purposeful homework and student achievement. Homework extends learning opportunities beyond the school day, deepens understanding of a subject, and encourages a love of learning. Homework is an integral part of a teacher’s practice, and as such, needs to be thoughtfully crafted, valued, and weighted.

The purpose of homework is to provide students an opportunity to practice, reinforce and apply previously taught skills, acquire knowledge, and prepare for future lessons. The Board recognizes that an additional benefit of homework is teaching students the value of working independently to complete a task and learning to manage their time. 

The Board also recognizes that well designed homework should:

  • Have a clear purpose,
  • Be designed for completion within a reasonable time frame, 
  • Be the responsibility of the student (Parents should play a supportive role by encouraging and monitoring students’ efforts, and providing a conducive learning environment),
  • Offer students immediate, specific feedback in order to be effective,
  • Reflect students’ academic needs, learning styles, and abilities. 

The amount of homework assigned will gradually increase from grade to grade. As a child advances through school, it is reasonable to expect that homework will be increased according to the following guidelines:

Kindergarten: No homework;

Grades 1-3: A few minutes in grade 1 to a maximum of 30 minutes in grade 3 for all subjects combined; 

Grades 4-5: A maximum of 60 minutes for all subjects combined;

Grades 6 -8: A maximum of two hours per night for all subjects combined;  

Grades 9-12: A maximum of three hours per night for all subjects combined. Students enrolled in AP and Honors classes may exceed a maximum of three hours per night for all subjects combined. 

Each school in the district shall provide opportunities and resources for students to complete homework on site. 

The Board expects that additional guidelines shall be established at each school in regard to weight of homework assignments on a student’s grade, amount of homework, differentiation of assignments, and consistency. 

The average cumulative amount of work required over a weekend should not exceed a regular day’s assignment. Weekends may be for review, voluntary work, or completion of make-up assignments. 

School breaks are intended to be a time that is free from schoolwork for students and staff. School breaks may be used for review, voluntary work, or completion of make-up assignments. In the event that there is a critical assignment that students must complete over a school break, teachers must have prior written approval from the building principal. 

A copy of this policy shall be included in all school and parent handbooks or otherwise distributed to all students. 


Cross Reference: KE Public Concerns and Complaints 

Policy Adopted: May 1, 1991

Policy Revised: November 3, 1999, February 27, 2008 and March 20, 2013