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EC - Environmentally Sound Schools

EC - Environmentally Sound Schools

The Maine School Administrative District No. 35 Board of Directors is proud of its faculty, staff, and student body for their innovative practices in promoting environmental stewardship. Our district has the potential to make a positive, tangible change while teaching our students to be stewards of their community, the earth, and its resources. The Board recognizes that change within schools can help catalyze change in the broader society. 

The Board also recognizes:

  • Our schools consume natural resources, including energy, water, food, and paper and they generate waste materials, including garbage and air emissions. 

  • The district expends considerable financial resources on energy, water, office supplies, educational materials, and cleaning supplies.

  • Many options and choices exist for schools to use natural resources more efficiently. 

  • Our educational community has a tremendous opportunity to learn about ecological sustainability, environmental health and to support students in becoming leaders in making their school a healthier and more ecologically friendly place.

The Board will support, encourage, and investigate:

  • Ongoing reuse, recycling, and composting efforts. 

  • Energy conservation.

  • Use of energy efficient and sustainable products, equipment and materials when economically feasible.

  • The proper disposal of all hazardous waste. 

  • Alternative energy sources for and within MSAD 35. 

The Board directs the Superintendent of Schools to implement administrative procedures and rules designed for energy efficiencies and conservation.

The Board will consider all recommendations that have the potential to lighten the district’s environmental impact, integrate environmental education, and increase student participation in school-wide environmental initiatives.

The Board will explore opportunities to partner with both nonprofit and public agencies in the area of environmental education. The Board will support goals and initiatives that align with environmental education.


Policy Adopted: May 7, 2008

Policy Revised: September 28, 2009; April 10, 2024