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III - Independent Study

III - Independent Study

Independent study coursework is not intended to be used to substitute for graduation requirements. Students wishing to seek learning opportunities beyond or outside of the school's curriculum may do so through an independent course of study arrangement.

All independent study arrangements require approval by the Guidance Counselor, Department Chair and Principal, and must be overseen by a faculty member highly qualified in the content area. (Note: Faculty members who engage in independent study arrangements with students, do so in good faith, without additional district compensation and with the understanding that they will prioritize all other professional obligations.) All independent study will be considered an external credit which is limited to two credits per student. Independent study credits will be included on transcripts as pass/fail unless specified.

Independent study may be permitted in the following limited circumstances:

A. A student who has demonstrated academic responsibility, motivation and can show that independent study will enable them to obtain greater knowledge and/or skills than they would otherwise obtain in a course offered within the Marshwood High School curriculum.

B. Under some circumstances a student who is precluded from taking a course required for graduation because of scheduling conflicts may be considered for a graded independent study. The grade will be included in the student’s grade point average.

For all independent study courses, a contractual agreement between the student and the faculty member must be presented to their guidance counselor detailing the goals of the learning experience, the specified outcomes, assessments, the required time commitment, common meeting times, and desired credit. The quantity and quality of work expected must be equal to or exceed that which would be expected in a regular class at Marshwood High School. A student may earn a maximum of one independent study credit in an academic year and may be involved in only one independent study at a time.

A student seeking approval for independent study must:

A. Select and consult with a faculty or administrative advisor who agrees to supervise and monitor the proposed independent study;

B. Provide a detailed description of the objectives of the independent study, the means of accomplishing the objectives, and how achievement will be measured;

C. Include a monitoring schedule showing how often the student will meet with the supervising teacher and arrangements for assistance, if needed;

D. Consult with the Guidance Counselor to obtain preliminary approval.

E. Obtain written parental consent;

F. Obtain the written approval of the Department Chair of the subject to which the independent study is related; and

G. Obtain written approval from the principal.

The student’s participation in independent study will appear on his/her schedule and the independent study will appear on the student’s report card and transcript.

Cross Reference: IKF – Graduation Requirements

Policy Adopted: January 21, 1981

Policy Revised: October 1, 1997; January 4, 2012