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GBEBA - Staff Conduct, Ethics, and Attire

GBEBA - Staff Conduct, Ethics, and Attire

The MSAD #35 Board of Directors reaffirms one of the oldest beliefs in education:  One of the best methods of instruction is that of setting a good example. 

The Board expects that the staff of the district will strive to set the kind of example for students that will serve them well in their own conduct and behavior which will contribute toward an appropriate school atmosphere. 

To that end, in dress, conduct, language and interpersonal relationships all staff should recognize that they are being continuously observed by students while on duty or attending school functions and their actions and demeanor will be reflected in the conduct of the students.

The Superintendent of Schools and building Principals shall assume the major responsibility for interpreting this policy.

Staff Conduct

All MSAD # 35 staff members have a responsibility to make themselves familiar with and abide by, the laws of the State as these affect their work, and the policies of the Board.   

The following specific responsibilities will be required.

  1. Faithfulness and promptness in attendance at work.

  2. Support and enforcement of policies of the Board and the regulations of the school administration.

  3. Diligence in submitting required reports at the time specified.

  4. Care and protection of school property.

  5. Concern and attention for their own and the school system’s legal responsibility for the safety and welfare of students, including the need to ensure that students are under supervision at all times.

  6. Careful attention to all professional duties.

  7. Conduct should be such to protect the person’s integrity and/or reputation and that of the school district.

  8. Honesty, integrity, and fairness must be exhibited by each employee when engaging in any activity concerning the school district. 

Staff Ethics

The MSAD #35 Board of Directors believes that those who choose education as a career assume the obligation to maintain high standards of ethical behavior. Employees are expected to uphold the following standards:

  1. The placement of the education and welfare of children as the first concern of the school district.

  2. The establishment of cordial cooperation between the community and the school district.

  3. The maintenance of just and courteous professional relationships with students, parents, staff members, and others.

  4. The maintenance of their own efficiency and knowledge of the developments in their fields of work.

  5. The presentation of subject matter in a fair and accurate matter. 

  6. The maintenance of confidentiality regarding student performance and student records, except as disclosure is necessary for professional purposes or is required by law.

  7. Refrain from using school contacts and privileges to promote partisan politics, sectarian religious views, or self-serving propaganda of any kind.

Staff Attire

The MSAD # 35 Board of Directors believes that an appropriate professional appearance of our staff members strengthens the community’s attitude toward the district, public schools, and the teaching profession in general, as well as the conduct, morale, and performance of the district’s students.

Employees should be readily distinguishable from District students. The dress and grooming of District employees shall be clean, neat, in a manner appropriate for their assignments. In addition, employees should regard role modeling of appropriate dress and grooming standards as a part of their professional responsibilities.

Therefore, the staff of MSAD # 35 must exercise good judgment in their choice of professional appearance for work or work-related activities by always appearing in a manner that will invoke a positive impression from the community.

  1. Dress must be appropriate to the situation and job classification.

  2. Attire must provide appropriate role modeling for students. 

  3. Dress/attire must be conducive to high student and staff performance.

  4. Staff should never dress in a way that is prohibited in the student dress code.

  5. Staff attire should represent the authoritative nature of their position.

  6. Clothing which causes a significant distraction to others is prohibited.

  7. Staff members should be physically clean, neat, and well-groomed.

  8. Staff casual days should be determined through a shared decision-making process with final approval granted by the building principal. During staff casual days, employees are still expected to wear clothing that is neat, clean, and in good repair.

  9. Modifications may be made by the building principal to accommodate staff members who are engaged in specialized duties or in specialized activities that require or permit a relaxed mode of dress.

  10. Under Maine law, there shall be no discrimination against employees whose grooming includes hair texture, Afro hairstyles, and protective hairstyles, including braids, twists, and locs.

Cross Reference:

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Policy Adopted: January 2, 2008

Policy Revised:  June 7, 2023