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IHCD - Advanced College Placement

IHCD - Advanced College Placement

It is the belief of the Board that any student who is capable of, and wishes to do, college-level work while in high school should be permitted to do so and given assistance in enrolling in advanced courses.

Advanced placement courses offered by the school system shall depend upon a sufficient number of students desiring the particular course and qualifying for it, and upon the availability of a staff member qualified to teach it.

Any high school student whose admission to a college-level course or courses is recommended by his/her counselor may enroll in a nearby college and be released from high school attendance for such hours as are required for the college course(s). If the student wishes to receive high school credit for the course, he/she may request permission from his/her Principal, through the counselor, to apply the course toward high school graduation requirements. 

A student accepted for full-time early admission to college (that is before graduating from high school) shall be granted a high school diploma upon evidence that he/she has completed the academic work required, and said diploma will be presented at the regular commencement of his/her class.


Cross Reference: IHCDA - Post-Secondary Enrollment Options

Policy Adopted: November 19, 1975 

Policy Revised: May 7, 1980, May 17, 1995, April 3, 2002 and October 19, 2011 

Policy Reviewed: December 5, 2011