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IKE - Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students

IKE - Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students

It is the intent of the MSAD #35 Board of Directors to provide sequential instructional programming that provides opportunities for students to meet the content standards of the Maine Learning Results and District curriculum.

While most students will advance from one grade to another at the end of the academic year, some students may benefit from retention at the same grade level or acceleration to another grade level. Any decisions made concerning promotions, retentions or accelerations shall be made with the best interest of the individual student as the primary concern.

 A. Criteria  

The following criteria will be used in considering placement of students at any given grade level. The items that follow will be given the highest level of consideration in deciding upon promotion, retention or acceleration.

  1. Achievement of the content standards as demonstrated through use of assessment measures utilized in the District;
  2. Success achieved in remedial programs, tutoring, summer school or other opportunities provided for the student;
  3. Potential benefit from the grade level placement decision that is being considered;
  4. Record of attendance;
  5. Social/emotional maturity and age;
  6. Program options;
  7. Student attitude; and
  8. Parental concerns.

B. Retention

Retention shall be considered as an alternative to promotion, when it will benefit the student. Parents shall be notified as early as possible in the event retention is being considered. A decision regarding retention will involve discussion within a team of individuals including the student’s parent(s), classroom teacher(s), guidance counselor and principal.

 C. Acceleration  

Decisions regarding acceleration shall be made by the principal after discussion with the student’s parents, the student’s teacher(s), the Gifted and Talented instructor and other professional staff or consultants deemed appropriate by the principal.

D. High School Grade Level Assignment

Successful completion of the requirements specified in the Board’s policy IKF (Graduation Requirements) and demonstrated achievement of the mandated content  standards as established by Department of Education rules or regulations will be   required for graduation.

Assignment to high school grade levels will be based on the number of credits earned prior to the beginning of the current school year.

For sophomore status, a student must have earned 5 credits, for junior status 10 credits and senior status 15 credits.

E. Transfer Students

For students who transfer into the school system from another state, home school or an educational program not required to meet the content standards of the Maine Learning Results, the principal will determine the grade level placement and/or the fulfillment of  credit requirements. 

For decisions regarding promotion, retention or acceleration, the principal shall be responsible for making the final decision. A parent who is dissatisfied with the principal’s decision may file a written appeal with the Superintendent. The Superintendent’s decision shall be final.


Cross Reference: IK - Evaluation of Student Achievement 

Policy Adopted: May 1, 1991

Policy Revised: November 17, 1999 and December 20, 2006