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JJIB - Interscholastic Athletics: Club Sports, Individuals Sports

JJIB - Interscholastic Athletics: Club Sports, Individuals Sports

Club Sports 

There are instances when parents, students and/or staff members may wish to participate in/or sponsor a team sport that is not part of the district’s program, on a “club basis”. Individuals desiring to form a club sport must discuss the proposal with the Athletic Director and the Principal. If approved by the Principal, individuals (Booster Club) desiring to form a club sport assume the cost of all expenses, including the cost of coaches and officials, uniforms and equipment, transportation and supplies. The cost of student athlete accident insurance pertaining to that sport will be billed to the Booster Club annually.  Coaches will be hired and supervised by the district and the cost of the stipend will be billed to the Booster Club. The Board of Directors will be notified whenever there is a club sport added to a school program.

Participants in club sports are subject to existing policies and regulations that apply to interscholastic athletes.

Parents, students and/or staff may wish to have an additional team added to the district’s athletic program. These individuals must contact the Director of Athletics and discuss the proposal. The Athletic Director, after gathering data, shall make a recommendation to the Principal and the Superintendent. If approved the Superintendent will recommend to the Board of Directors the process for inclusion in future budgets. 

 A significant component of the data gathering activity will be the level of success achieved by the proposed addition if it was active as a club sport. Other issues that should be considered are: 

a. The level of student interest in the proposed addition. If necessary, surveys should be conducted;

b. The budget for the proposed addition, including salaries, officials’ fees, equipment and travel;

c. The impact of the proposed addition upon existing facilities, including busses;

d. The availability of a schedule;

e. The impact the proposed addition has on promoting equal numbers of opportunities available to each gender and/or both genders.

 Individual Sports

There are instances when students, with demonstrated skills in an individual sport, are able to compete in MPA or similarly sanctioned events when the student’s school does not field a team in that sport.

MSAD #35 will permit individuals, upon petition by the student’s parents or guardian to the administration, to compete under the following conditions: 

a. No coaching, practice, or financial support from MSAD #35 is required;

b. Transportation to all events is provided by the family;

c. The family assumes all liability, including medical costs.

When an individual competes under the condition of this policy, the MSAD #35 Board of Directors will receive written notification.

Participants in individual sports are subject to existing policies and regulations that apply to interscholastic athletes.


Cross References: Eligibility Policy for Participation in Extracurricular Activities

Student Accident and Athletic Insurance


Policy Adopted: April 1, 1987

Policy Revised: October 1, 1997,  August 15, 2001