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JRA - Student Education Records and Information

JRA - Student Education Records and Information 

The MSAD #35 School Department shall comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) and all other federal and state laws and regulations concerning confidentiality and maintenance of student records and information. 

A. Directory Information

The MSAD #35 School Department designates the following student information as directory information: name, participation and grade level of students in recognized activities and sports, height and weight of student athletes, dates of attendance in the school unit, honors and awards received, and photographs and videos of student participation in school activities open to the public (except photographs and videos on the Internet). The MSAD #35 School Department may disclose directory information if it has provided notice to parents (and eligible students over 18) and has not received timely written notice refusing permission to designate such information as directory information.

B. Military Recruiters/Higher Education Access to Information 

Under federal law, military recruiters and institutions of higher education are entitled to receive the names, addresses and telephone numbers of secondary students and the MSAD #35 School Department must comply with any such request, provided that parents have been notified of their right to make a written request that this information not be released without prior written consent.

C. Health or Safety Emergencies   

In accordance with federal regulations, the School Department may disclose education records in a health or safety emergency to any person whose knowledge of the information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals without prior written consent. 

D. Information on the Internet 

Under Maine law, the MSAD #35 School Department shall not publish on the Internet any information that identifies a student, including but not limited to the student’s full name, photograph, personal biography, e-mail address, home address, date of birth, social security number and parents’ names, without written parental consent.

E. Transfer of Student Records  

As required by Maine law, the MSAD #35 School Department sends student education records to a school unit to which a student applies for transfer, including disciplinary records, attendance records, special education records and health records (except for confidential health records for which consent for dissemination has not been obtained).

F. Designation of Law Enforcement Unit

The Board hereby designates [choose one of the following options: its School Resource Officer and the Eliot and South Berwick Police Departments as the MSAD #35 School Department’s law enforcement unit. 

G. Administrative Procedures and Notices 

The Superintendent is responsible for developing and implementing any administrative procedures and parent notices necessary to comply with the applicable laws and regulations concerning student education records and information.  Notices shall be distributed annually to parents and eligible students concerning their rights under these laws and regulations. A copy of this policy shall be posted in each school.



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20-A M.R.S.A. §§ 6001, 6001-B

Maine Department of Education Rules, Chapters 101 and 125


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Policy Adopted: September 17, 2003

Policy Revised: February 10, 2021