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Sec. 1 - The Fiscal Year

The Fiscal Year is July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

Sec. 2 - Budget Deadlines and Schedules:  

A. The Board of Directors shall review the budget document in public work sessions.

B. After review and tentative approval, the Superintendent shall submit a budget document in legally prescribed form to the Board a week prior to the scheduled budget adoption, for final approval. 

C. The complete budget document will be available for public scrutiny in the Superintendent’s Office and online on the district website: at least 7 days prior to any hearings held on the budget. 

D. Each school shall have a complete revised budget available for that school, indicating changes made from the document originally sent to the Superintendent. 

Sec. 3 - Budget Adoption:  

A. District budget meetings are conducted by referendum with each member municipality.  In accordance with MRSA T20-A §1305-1308 except in extreme mitigating circumstances, district budget meetings are held. MRSA T20-A §1305-1308.

B. The conduct of the budget meetings is to be run according to MRSA T20-A §1305-1308.

C. The Maine Moderator’s Guide shall be used in the conduct of District Budget Meetings.

Sec. 4 - Audit:

A. Each Board member shall receive a copy of the audited financial statements and a copy shall be on file in the Office of the Superintendent.  MRSA T20-A §6051.


Article VII Revised: August 27, 2014