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GCJ - Professional Staff Probation and Continuing Teacher Contracts

GCJ - Professional Staff Probation and Continuing Teacher Contracts

  1. Under Maine Law, certified probationary staff may be non-renewed if the Superintendent fails to nominate or if the Board declines to elect after receiving the Superintendent’s nomination.
  2. Prior to May 15, a meeting of the Board of Directors shall consider nominations to renew contracts of Probationary Teachers. The nomination lists shall be circulated to the Board prior to the meeting and any Board member desiring to discuss the nominations in executive session shall notify the Superintendent who shall notify the individual(s) concerned who shall be offered the right to attend the executive session. 
  3. Prior to the date of Board action, the Superintendent shall notify, in writing, any teacher on continuing contract who will not be renewed and shall provide a reason for this decision.
  4. A duly certified continuing contract teacher will be notified in writing by the Board of their non-renewal six months prior to the last day of their contract.



Cross Reference: GCF Professional Staff Hiring

GCOA Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff


Policy Adopted: February 16, 1977

Policy Revised: February 21, 1979, January 20, 1982, January 20, 1993 and December 20, 2006, December 15, 2021