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GAB - Job Descriptions

GAB - Job Descriptions

In order for the school unit to function most efficiently and effectively, the duties and responsibilities for each position, along with the criteria (skills, knowledge, and abilities) required to perform those duties, shall be set forth in written job descriptions.

The Superintendent is responsible for job description development, as well as review/revision as warranted, but not less often than every five years.  Development, reassessment, and revision of job descriptions shall include input from people affected by the position to ensure that the information contained is relevant to the position.

Before any new position is established, the School Board or Superintendent/designee will approve a job description for the position. Job descriptions for teachers or administrators will be approved by the Board. All job descriptions will specify the qualifications and performance responsibilities required.


20-A MRSA § 1001(13)


Policy Adopted: February 24, 2010

Policy Revised:  November 15, 2023