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JLIB - Student Dismissal Precautions

JLIB - Student Dismissal Precautions

The Board of Directors seeks to safeguard students by requiring procedures for excusing students from attendance at school or school events. The building principal is directed to develop and implement administrative procedures for dismissing students, subject to the approval of the Superintendent.

Students will be released only to parents, legal guardians, and other persons specifically authorized in writing by parents/legal guardians to pick up the student.  If the building principal/designee has reason to question the authenticity of any communication regarding the release of a student, the parents/guardians shall be contacted for confirmation. The building principal/designee has the authority to deny the release of students to unauthorized or unknown persons. Students who drive to school must present a note from a parent/guardian authorizing them to leave school at any time during the school day and must sign out at the school office. Students over 18 must provide a written reason for leaving school and must sign out at the school office. 

A custodial parent/guardian who wishes the school to comply with provisions of a court order to restrict access to a child is responsible for providing a certified copy of such order to the school. 

In addition, administrative procedures concerning student dismissal shall incorporate the following components: 

A. A procedure for dismissing students in the event of an emergency during the school day;

B. A procedure for dismissing students for illness and other reasons prior to the end of the school day; and

C. A procedure for confirming the identity of parents/guardians and others authorized to pick up students prior to releasing students.

Cross References: EBCA – Crisis Response Plan

JEA – Compulsory Attendance Ages

KI – Visitors to the Schools 

Policy Adopted: August 6, 1969

Policy Revised: November 19, 1975, May 7, 1980, December 18, 1996 and March 1, 2006