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JFAA - Admission of Resident Students

JFAA - Admission of Resident Students

The Maine School Administrative District (MSAD #35) shall admit as students those of legal school age whose parents or guardians legally reside within the unit. Adequate proof of residence shall be required. The Board reserves the right to verify residency through appropriate means for any enrolled student or any family applying for enrollment.

“Residence” means bona fide residence—one’s actual residence maintained in good faith—and does not include a temporary or superficial residence established for the purpose of free school attendance in this system. It shall be considered the place where important family activity takes place—the place where the family eats, sleeps, relaxes and plays. It is a place that can be called a “home.” While it is possible for an individual to maintain property and pay taxes in more than one location or community, for purposes of student eligibility for school attendance, “residence” shall mean where the parent or guardian maintains a home. 

Guardianship shall be substantiated by a copy of a court order or probated will appointing the resident as guardian of the student. No student shall be accepted for enrollment or allowed to continue in enrollment on the basis of guardianship established by a power of attorney. 

Resident students entering school for the first time shall be admitted upon presentation of an official certified copy of student’s birth certificate to the Principal, along with a record of required immunizations and pertinent health records.  Photocopies shall be made and retained in the student’s file.

New resident students who are transferring into the school system shall be admitted on the basis of age, health, discipline and academic records received from the previous school. However, original documentation may be required if deemed necessary to appropriately determine a student’s eligibility for enrollment and assignment.

20-A MRSA §§ 5202 et seq., 6002

Maine Commissioner of Ed. Administrative Letter No. 13, 10/9/97


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Policy Adopted: February 12, 2014

Policy Revised: November 14, 2018, February 16, 2022

Policy Reviewed: February 16, 2022