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JFC - Dropout Prevention Student Withdrawal From School

JFC - Dropout Prevention Student Withdrawal From School

The Board strongly urges school administrators, staff, parents, and members of the community to encourage students to remain in school through high school.

Dropout Prevention Committee

In order to reduce the school dropout rate, the Superintendent shall establish a Dropout Prevention Committee to study the problem of dropouts, habitual truancy, and the need for alternative programs, kindergarten to grade 12. The Committee will meet at least annually, make recommendations for addressing the problem, and submit a plan of action to the Board in accordance with the provisions in Maine law. 

The Committee will consider the following when developing its plan: reasons why students dropout of school; maintenance of continuing contacts with recent dropouts in order to extend opportunities for alternate educational programs, counseling, and referral; education of teachers and administrators about engaging students to prevent them from dropping out; use of human services programs to help dropouts; the Board’s policies on suspension, expulsion, and other disciplinary action; and discriminatory practices and attitudes within the unit. 

Committee Membership

 As required by law, the Dropout Prevention Committee shall be composed of the following members: 

A. A member of the Board selected by the Board;

B. A school administrator selected by the Superintendent;

C. A teacher and a school counselor selected by the teachers’ organization;

D. A parent selected by the local organized parent group or by the Board if no such group exists;

E. A school attendance coordinator from the school system selected by the Superintendent;

F. A high school student selected by the Dropout Prevention Committee members selected in paragraphs A to E;

G. A dropout selected by the Dropout Prevention Committee members selected in paragraphs A to E; and

H. A community resident of the district selected by the Dropout Prevention Committee members selected in paragraphs A to E.

The Board recognizes the importance of success as a motivator and as a factor in a student’s commitment to education.  Students who have been identified as being at risk of dropping out will be (or: should be) encouraged to participate in the alternative educational programs that are offered in this school unit or in other instructional, vocational or social service programs for which they may be eligible.

Student Withdrawal from School

School administrators shall arrange for regular contacts to be made with students who have withdrawn from school for the purpose of informing them of the process for readmission, making them aware of alternatives in the community for continuing their education and stating the MSAD #35’s willingness to assist them in their educational efforts.


Cross Reference: IHBH - Alternative Education Programs

JEA - Compulsory Attendance


Policy Adopted: December 18, 2013