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JJIBC-R - Financial Responsibilities of School Approved Groups - Administrative Procedure

JJIBC-R - Financial Responsibilities of School Approved Groups - Administrative Procedure

The purpose of this policy is to set guidelines for school approved groups that fundraise for activities sponsored by MSAD #35. Only those booster groups, businesses, community organizations, and PTOs that have been approved by the Board may use the name or logo of MSAD #35 or its schools for fundraising purposes.

In order to engage in fundraising activities, school approved groups in MSAD #35 must:

A. Obtain tax ID number from the IRS. Booster/PTO groups are not permitted to use the district’s tax ID numbers;

B. Receive prior approval from the building principal for all fundraising events/activities to be conducted, whether held on or off school grounds. The building principal may approve a sequence of fundraising events in one application.

C. Receive prior approval from the Board for all fundraising activities that are envisioned to be held annually. Once the event has been approved by the Board as an annual activity, it will require only an annual approval by the building principal;

D. Submit all fundraising materials (letters to the public, flyers, etc.) to the building principal for approval before distributing such materials. MSAD #35 will maintain a fundraising google calendar for all extracurricular activities to include, athletics, class fundraisers and PTO groups at the Central Office;

E. Receive prior approval for unbudgeted expenditures over $150 (for equipment or other items to benefit school programs) from the Athletic Director or building principal (see JJIBC – E4);

F.  Recognize that all equipment/purchases made by school approved groups become the property of MSAD #35; and 

G. Submit a financial report (see JJIBC – E5) no later than June 30 to the building principal or Athletic Director (as applicable) who will submit to the Superintendent for inclusion in the annual financial report. Groups that do not submit reports will not be permitted to fundraise until a report is submitted.

H. Submit a report to the District Accounting Manager, Superintendent’s Office, reporting any gift cards provided to coaches/volunteers. 

I. The Superintendent of Schools/Designee will serve to oversee the social media presence that groups may be involved with (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.) and work directly with their group's media coordinator to ensure all policies in place for MSAD #35 are followed.

All groups with an online presence (webpage, Facebook, etc.) must designate a booster member to be the media coordinator. The group must provide administrative access to school administration. All online presence will be limited to view only and all information presented must be approved by school administration and meet the expectation put forth in Board Policy GCSA & GCSA-R Employee Computer and Internet Use.

Adopted: June 5, 2002   

Revised: June 15, 2005; July 16, 2014, April 15, 2015 and April 27, 2022