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MSAD 35 BYLAWS: ARTICLE V - Superintendent

ARTICLE V - Superintendent

Sec. 1 - Powers and Duties:

A. Duties shall include but not be limited to MRSA T20-A §1055.

B. As the Board’s Secretary, the Superintendent shall be responsible for the accurate preparation of the minutes.  Minutes shall be circulated to the Board members, press, schools, and other citizens who request them. In the event one or more Board members either abstains or votes in the minority all Board names shall be noted along with their vote.

C. The Superintendent shall nominate for School Board approval all employees of MSAD 35/RSU 35 in accordance with MRSA T20-A.

D. The Superintendent shall inform the Board of change in the law which would affect current Board Policy.  They shall recommend new policies required by State and Federal law. 

Sec. 2 - Agenda Preparation and Dissemination: 

A. The Superintendent will prepare the agenda for the meeting following consultation with the Chair. The agenda will be published and the Chair or acting Chair may note that no action is permissible on items not on the published agenda.

B. An opportunity for public input shall be part of every regular meeting of the Board of Directors, in accordance with policy BEDH Public Participation Policy and BEDH-R Public Participation at Board Meetings - Procedures.

C. On the Friday prior to the Board meeting, in addition to sharing the agenda with the Board every attempt will be made to post the established agenda on the district website and distributed to town offices, libraries,  schools and appropriate social media.

D. Outside of urgent hiring recommendations or other time-sensitive issues, no substantial changes to an agenda should occur once an agenda is published. If an update or addition is necessary, the updated agenda will be immediately reshared with the Board and reposted to the public. 


Article V Revised: August 27, 2014,  August 26, 2015, July 15, 2020, October 20, 2021