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IHD-R - Marshwood Adult & Community Education - Procedures

IHD-R - Marshwood Adult & Community Education - Procedures

Two high school credentialing programs are offered through Marshwood Adult & Community Education (MACE): a MACE High School Diploma and a General Educational Development (GED) credential. Additionally, under special circumstances, students enrolled at Marshwood High School may earn up to two high school credits through MACE.

Acceptance into either credentialing program or credit-bearing classes requires the following:

  • An interview with the Adult Education Director and/or the Director’s designee
  • A review of previous student work, educational experiences, and/or other relevant information
  • The student’s signature on a “Student Contract” which includes a code of behavior.  


  1. Individuals who are not enrolled in a state approved grade 9-12 program (including a home school program) may enroll in MACE credentialing programs.
  2. Participants must complete all required assessments, pretests, tests, and/or post-tests to determine appropriate program and class placement.
  3. Adult Education high school diploma candidates may not earn their high school credential or graduate prior to the year their high school class is scheduled to graduate.
  4. One (1) Adult Education credit per course will be granted when a student has satisfactorily completed 45-60 hours of educational study prior to the end of the semester in which the work was initiated.
  5. Beginning at age eighteen (18), an Adult Education student may test for a GED. The State of Maine allows a seventeen-year-old (17) to test for a GED if s/he meets the criteria for “documented immediate need or if s/he has not attended a 9-12 High School program for one year.
  6. In accordance with State of Maine funding requirements, Maine GED candidates must complete 12 hours of GED preparation activities and classes prior to taking their final examination.


Students must be at least sixteen (16) years old to participate in an Adult Education course for credit.

Students may earn up to two (2) credits through MACE toward an MHS diploma. (See policy IKF for explanation of external credits accepted for high school graduation).

Students will sign a contract which specifically identifies expectations of a MHS student in the adult education setting.  This contract requires signatures from the following individuals:

  1. Student
  2. Student’s parent(s)
  3. Guidance department
  4. MACE Director or designee
  5. MHS Principal or designee

Class supply fees are the responsibility of the student.

Students electing to take adult education courses and classes, which are not offered for credit, may do so as space permits with the approval of the Director of MACE. All course fees and costs will apply.

Policy Adopted: May 7, 1980

Policy Revised: August 25, 1982, October 1, 1997 and January 4, 2012