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DID - Inventory of Capital Assets

DID - Inventory of Capital Assets

A list of all District capital assets with a purchase price greater than $10,000 shall be maintained for financial reporting purposes.  A capital asset is any asset with a useful life greater than one year.  A capital asset will be valued at actual purchase price or estimated value at time of acquisition and shall be depreciated for financial reporting purposes using the straight-line depreciation method over the useful life of the asset as determined by the ASBO “Useful Lives” schedule. 

Building Administrators are responsible for protecting all assets within their building and should report missing or damaged assets to the Business Manager immediately.

The Business Manager shall maintain the capital asset list.

The district assumes no liability for any personal property.

Assets purchased with federal funds will be subject to federal asset reporting requirements.      


Cross Reference: JFCK- Student Use of Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices  

Policy Adopted: November 19, 2008