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EGAD - Copyright Compliance

The Board expects all employees and students in M.S.A.D. #35 to comply with the federal copyright law and guidelines.  Employees and students who willfully disregard the law/guidelines and the Board’s copyright policy and procedure do so at their own risk. M.S.A.D. #35 will not extend legal and/or insurance protection to employees or students for willful violations of this policy. Such violations may also result in disciplinary action.

The Superintendent is responsible for implementing this policy and the accompanying administrative procedure. The Superintendent may delegate specific responsibilities to building principals and others as he/she deems appropriate. 

M.S.A.D. #35 will take the following steps to discourage violations of the copyright law in M.S.A.D. #35:

    1. All instructional staff and administrators shall receive a copy of this policy and the accompanying administrative procedure.

    2. Copyright notices shall be posted within view of copying equipment.

    3. Teachers and library media specialists shall be responsible for informing students about the legal and ethical issues raised by copyright infringement and illegal use of copyrighted materials.

17 U.S.C. § 101 et seq. (The Copyright Act of 1976)

P.L. 107-273 (The TEACH Act of 2002)

Cross Reference:

GSCA/GCSA-R  – Employee Computer and Internet Use

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IJNDB/IJNDB-R – Student Computer and Internet Use                          

Policy Adopted: June 19, 2013

Policy Revised: June 21, 2023