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DM - Cash in School Building

DM - Cash in School Building

A. Each school may maintain a school fund of monies raised or donated to that school.

B. The annual District audit will include an audit of each school.  Audits take place at the close of each school year.

C. The principal shall be solely responsible for the proper conduct of school funds.

D. Teachers who are required to collect money from students for the sale of materials, etc. shall use a receipt book or other system of accountability approved by the principal.

E. All cash collected by staff shall be turned in to school offices or deposited in appropriate accounts the day of collection.

F. School personnel shall deposit money in a timely manner.

G. The principal shall insure that money is deposited at least weekly or when the amount on hand exceeds $500.

Policy Adopted: March 5, 1975

Policy Revised: October 3, 1979, December 3, 1986, November 5, 1997, November 2, 2005 and November 5, 2008