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ARTICLE III - Officers

Sec. 1 - The Chairperson  - BEDD Rules of Order

The Chairperson is to be elected by the Board at the annual organizational meeting, whose duties are to:     

A. Prepare the agenda with the Superintendent.

B. Sign the Superintendent’s contract, all graduation diplomas, referendum ballots, and all contracts.

C. Run all meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order.

D. Call special meetings, in conjunction with the Superintendent.

E. Ensure the Board is provided supporting documentation and information in a timely manner such that they may be well prepared for meeting discussions and voting on topics on, or anticipated to be on, an upcoming agenda.

F. Call special meetings, workshops or executive sessions, as needed, in conjunction with the Superintendent.     

Sec. 2 - The Vice-Chairperson 

The Vice-Chairperson is to be elected at the annual organizational meeting, whose duties are:

A. In absence of the Chairperson, to assume those duties.

B. Support the Chairperson, as needed, with facilitation, coordination and communication to ensure Board members are successful in fulfilling their duties as Board and committee members.


Article III Revised: October 20, 2021