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EEAG - Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

EEAG - Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

Since school buses are one of the safest forms of transportation, they should be used to transport students to and from all school-sponsored events to the maximum extent possible. However, the Board recognizes that it is sometimes impossible or impractical to provide school bus transportation and therefore authorizes the use of privately owned vehicles to transport students when, in the opinion of the building principal and with the written approval of the Superintendent of Schools, or his/her designee, it is the most practical or only method of transportation available.

The Superintendent will establish procedures to ensure that any private vehicle used to transport students is in good working order and that the driver has a valid driver’s license and insurance coverage that meets or exceeds all requirements of the law.  Specifically:

1. Private vehicle shall be defined as a privately owned vehicle designed to carry a driver and a maximum of nine passengers, have a current and valid registration, have operable seat belts for all passengers, and have a current state safety inspection for the state in which it is registered. 

2. Driver shall be defined as a school employee who is at least 21 years old, holds a valid U.S. driver’s license, is of good moral character, and has no outstanding driving violations or a history of violations. 

3. The driver agrees to hold the School District, its Board of Directors and employees harmless from any claims, suits, or causes of action arising from any accident or incident occurring during or as a result of transporting the student(s).

4. The driver shall be the owner/operator of the vehicle and meet the following minimum State of Maine insurance requirements:

·  Liability:                     $100,000/$300,000

·  Property Damage:    $25,000

·  Medical Coverage:   $1,000

5. Parents may transport their own children from school-sponsored events outside the district but may not transport other student(s). Exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis with approval of the building principal or his/her designee.

6. In case of emergency, real and imminent danger to persons or property, students may be transported in private vehicles without complying with the above provisions.


Policy Adopted: November 17, 1982

Policy Amended: December 20, 1995, October 2, 1996 and August 15, 2007