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JFABD - Education of Homeless Students

JFABD - Education of Homeless Students

MSAD #35 recognizes its statutory obligation to provide a free public education to homeless children and youth. Homeless students will not be segregated or stigmatized on the basis of their homelessness. In cooperation with other school units, MSAD #35 will provide homeless students with suitable programs that assure equal access to education. Such education shall be provided according to the best interests of the homeless student, meaning that, to the extent feasible, the student’s education shall continue in the school the student last attended before becoming homeless, unless doing so is contrary to the wishes of the student’s parents or guardian.

MSAD #35 shall file with the Maine Department of Education, as part of its annual Title I Plan, a description of services that will be provided to homeless children. The Superintendent will designate a Homeless Education Liaison who will coordinate the school unit’s services for homeless students. The Homeless Education Liaison will be responsible for identifying and enrolling homeless students so they receive the educational services for which they are eligible.

The Superintendent is authorized to develop and implement any administrative procedures necessary to carry out this policy, consistent with applicable statutes and regulations.



20-A M.R.S.A. §§ 13-A, 261 and 5205

Me. Dept. of Ed. Reg. 14


Cross Reference: Education of Homeless Students Procedure – JFABD-R

Student Records and Information - JRA   


Policy Adopted: November 19, 2003 

Policy Revised: December 19, 2018

Policy Reviewed: May 12, 2014, September 23, 2020