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JJC - Student Performances

JJC - Student Performances

Some courses or components within the District’s Visual and Performing Arts curriculum include performance requirements that students must complete in order to earn credit or points toward passing the course. 

Some of these required performances may be scheduled outside of the instructional day or on days that school is not in session. 

Students may be excused from participation only for the reasons for excusable absences specified in Maine law and in Board policy.

Students and parents will be informed of any performance requirements through course descriptions, student handbooks and other methods deemed appropriate by the building principal. Students will also be informed of the weight of the performance in determining the grade for the course.

Performances by Students in Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities (i.e., those that are not components of the curriculum or offered for credit within the course of studies, and in which student participation is voluntary) may involve performances (e.g., a school-sponsored drama club may give performances to support their activities).  Extracurricular activity groups may accept invitations to perform for civic, patriotic or educational organizations provided: 1) there are enough students committed to the performance to enable it to be effective and to reflect positively on the students, the activity, and the schools; 2) the club or activity advisor and building principal agree that the venue is an appropriate one in which students may perform; 3) the performance does not conflict with the school day; 4) there is adequate adult supervision; and 5) transportation is available.  No performance will be scheduled without the Principal’s approval.

Invitations or requests for student performances by extracurricular groups will be considered only if received at least 30 days in advance.

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Policy Adopted: April 22, 1970

Policy Revised: May 7, 1980, January 18, 1989, April 7, 1999 and July 19, 2013