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MSAD 35 BYLAWS: ARTICLE I - Name and Charter

Board of Directors - BYLAWS - MSAD #35/RSU35


As a school district board of directors, we endeavor to hire and support the Superintendent, develop and adopt policies, and approve the allocation of a fiscally -responsible budget in order to forward the mission of the school district.

ARTICLE I - Name and Charter               

Sec. 1  Name 

The name of the group is to be School Administrative District No.35, (MSAD 35/RSU 35) Board of Directors (The Board).

The municipalities of Eliot and South Berwick are constituted to be and have been since May 11, 1964, a School Administrative District, known as School Administrative District No. 35, with all of the powers, privileges and franchises granted to School Administration Districts according to the Revised Statutes of 1964, Title 20, and Sections 211 to 307.  The proceedings taken in the town meetings held in the municipalities of Eliot and So. Berwick, wherein it was voted to join in the formation of a School Administrative District, are validated and made effective.   

Sec. 2   Mission

The mission of Marshwood School District is to provide a place where students, parents, staff and community members work together to foster a life-long passion for learning and engage all students in developing the skills and knowledge they need to be successful; live healthy lives; and become ethical, kind, compassionate, responsible citizens who thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our school community strives to:

● Create a safe, inclusive, differentiated learning environment in which all students feel

safe, heard, and supported in the development of their whole selves - social, emotional,

physical and cognitive.

● Ensure all students are challenged, motivated and inspired by innovative learning

opportunities that meet or exceed standards.

● Advance sustainability practices and programs in district operations and

infrastructure, and encourage environmental stewardship.

● Empower students to become strong, independent, growth-minded, critical thinkers who

have the courage to act on their own beliefs.

● Create a districtwide culture of kindness in which students develop compassion for others

and a commitment to practicing good citizenship.


Article I Revised: October 20, 2021