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JFAA-E1 - Admission of Resident Students Procedure (for Students enrolling in School for the First Time)

JFAA-E1 - Admission of Resident Students Procedure
(for Students enrolling in School for the First Time)

Admission Requirements:

  1. Proof of Residency - required (Please reference acceptable proof of residency documents list)
  2. Updated Immunization record - required (Please reference JLCB-R immunization requirement list)
  3. Birth Certificate - required
  4. Previous School Information/Records release. - required

a. If your child is entering pre-k, they still need to fill out and sign the release form and indicate N/A on the form

The district encourages electronic registration per the link below:

Paper registration form below:

The following information and certification are required before a student will be admitted to the Maine School Administrative District 35 (MSAD #35).

Date of Birth: ___________________________________________________________________________

Student’s Residence: (Street address, city, state and zip code)


Home telephone number: _______________________________________________________

Student lives with (check all that apply):


Father, daytime phone: _____________________________

Mother, daytime phone: _____________________________

Legal Guardian, daytime phone: ______________________

List Additional Siblings and Schools Attending:



If the student lives in the district with a legal guardian who is not a parent, a certified copy of the court order appointing the guardian must be attached.

If a custodial parent/guardian wishes the district to comply with the provisions of a court order related to the student, a certified copy of the court order must be attached.

If the student is an emancipated minor, a certified copy of the court order must be attached. 

Other living arrangements: _______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Certification of Residency Requirement

I certify that I live with the student named above at the street address identified above. I understand that MSAD #35 will require proof of residency and that I have the burden of proof regarding residency. If this residency information changes, I agree to bring it to the immediate attention of MSAD #35. Proof of Residency documents accepted by MSAD #35 are as follows: utility bill, purchase and sale agreement, voter registration, current official lease or renter’s agreement.

Date: ___________ Signature: __________________________ Print Name: __________________________

Birth Certificate and Immunization Records Requirements

Official certified copy of student’s birth certificate (20-A M.R.S.A. Section 6002).

Immunization records (signed statement from licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant specifying immunization received, dates, and dosages). Immunization requirements can be found in policy procedure JLCB-R.

Non-immunized students are not permitted to attend schools and school activities unless one of the following conditions is met (please check applicable box):

Parent/legal guardian provides written assurance that child will be immunized within 90 days of this application (this option is only available once in the student’s school years); OR

Parent/legal guardian provides a written statement from a licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant that immunization against one or more diseases may be medically inadvisable (required each year).

The Superintendent/designee shall exclude from school and school activities any non-immunized student when there is a clear danger to the health of others as provided by law.

Additional Personnel Documents Provided by Family

Cross Reference: JFAA – Admission of Resident Students

JLCB/JLCB-R – Immunization of Students and Procedure

Policy Adopted: November 14, 2018

Policy Revised: March 16, 2022

Policy Reviewed: March 16, 2022