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GBJA-R - Confidentiality in the Hiring Process Form

GBJA-R - Confidentiality in the Hiring Process Form 

The M.S.A.D. #35 School Board appreciates your willingness to assist in the process of screening applicants for the position of ________________________________. We are confident that your participation will contribute to our selection of the best possible candidate. 

Understanding the intent and seriousness of the legal requirements to maintain strict confidentiality is most important. In this regard, Title 20-A MRSA § 6101.2, B of the Maine Statutes reads in part: 

…information in any form relating to an employee or applicant for employment, or to the employee’s immediate family, shall be kept confidential if it relates to the following: (1) all information, working papers and examinations used in the examination or evaluation of all applicants for employment;

At least one test case has substantiated that even the name of an applicant is protected (including the fact that a person has applied). Moreover, the prohibition from discussing these confidential matters does not end with the selection and appointment of the successful candidate. It is permanent and applies to all unsuccessful candidates as well. 

Therefore, in agreeing to participate in this important undertaking, we expect you to acknowledge having been provided with an orientation on the requirement for confidentiality and that you are accepting this responsibility. 

Again, thank you very much for your assistance.


I understand and pledge to honor the strict requirement to maintain confidentiality regarding applicant information.

Signature ___________________________________      Date ________________________

Signature ___________________________________      Date ________________________

(Board/Search Committee Chair)