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CHB - Policy Review

CHB - Policy Review

 The Board and Superintendent will work together to keep Board policies and the Board's policy manual up to date.

The Superintendent is given the continuing commission of calling to the Board's attention any policy that is inadequate, not working, out of date, or appears to need revision for other reasons.

Various actions of the Board and changes in state and federal laws may require minor revisions or editorial changes in certain policies and regulations of the Board.  The Superintendent is authorized to make these changes and present them to the Policy Committee for review, and potentially to the Board, as a new business item.  Acceptance will constitute positive Board action.

After a period of six years from the date of Board approval, each policy will be reviewed and revised if necessary because of changing conditions, statutes, or court decisions.  All policies will remain in effect until Board action is taken.

Policy Adopted:      June 21, 2023