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IIB - Class Size

IIB - Class Size

The M.S.A.D. #35 Board of Directors is committed to maintaining class sizes that are consistent with Department of Education regulations. Further, the Board believes that there is a relationship between class size and pupil achievement that varies across grade levels. 

While recognizing constraints placed upon the system by transfer of students, staff levels, and the physical plant, the Board is committed to the following class size guidelines.

The district will comply with Maine DOE Rule Chapter 124, Basic Approval Standards: Public Preschool Programs which provides for:

·   PreK ratios of 1:8, including a certified teacher, maximum class size of 16 children

·   PreK Educational Technicians must be certified as Educational Technicians II and/or III 

        Grade Level                      Class Size Range

        PreK                                   16 (Maximum per Maine State Law)

        K-1                                      14-18

        2 - 5                                   18-22

        6 - 8*                                 18-25

        9 - 12*                               15-25 

*Higher class sizes are allowed for instrumental and choral music, physical education, and other special class arrangements such as lectures and special short term presentations.

Special education classes are to be in compliance with Special Education teacher-student ratios established by State rules or regulations. 

In the event that class sizes fall outside of the upper or lower limit of the range by two or more students, the principal shall consult with the Superintendent who will make a recommendation to the Board for its consideration.


Policy Adopted: April 1, 1987

Policy Reviewed: December 5, 2011

Policy Revised: September 18, 1996; October 18, 2006; May 4, 2011; February 24, 2016; February 28, 2024