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IHBB - Gifted and Talented Education

IHBB - Gifted and Talented Education


The Board recognizes the importance of identifying students of unusual ability in the following areas: general intelligence, academic aptitude, creative thinking, or visual and performing arts. Identification instruments, selection criteria and procedures will ensure that participants are of gifted intellect or are talented performers or both. 

Programs will be designed to meet the needs of individual students in the context of existing educational programs in order to provide the least restrictive educational environment while maintaining social relationships and social development.


To provide talented and gifted children with:

A.    An opportunity for challenge of their intellectual abilities;

B.    An outlet to develop their creative thinking;

C.    Experiences designed to nurture leadership ability;

D.    A means to expand their academic achievements; and

E.     An opportunity to express their artistic and performing arts talents.

Policy Adopted: April 16, 2008 

Policy Revised: November 17, 2010